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02/20/19  |  Aaron Podolsky

Having a professional in your corner can be a lifesaver during the home buying and selling process.

Having a professional in your corner can be a lifesaver during the home buying and selling process. Our team at PG works with some truly amazing vendors that raise the bar for our clients and help them get great results! This week, we sat down with Andrew Blate of Beautiful Home Services to talk about his top tips for those looking to sell their home.
When he’s working with Sellers, Andrew’s job is to eliminate the word “No” from potential buyers minds. Each seller gets a short window with each potential buyer to impress them with their property, so making sure that there are as few opportunities for them to say no to something in your home is key. Here are his best tips to make your home stand out and sell for top dollar.

Fresh Paint

One of the biggest things that Sellers often overlook is the value of fresh paint. When your home is empty or staged for sale fresh, clean walls can make all the difference. Adding a fresh coat of paint ensures that high traffic areas are looking pristine, and any strong colors that might distract a potential buyer are gone, leaving your space looking bright and inviting. You want buyers imagining themselves living in your space, mentally moving in furniture and picturing how they’ll live there, rather than thinking about how they might change the wallpaper or paint color.


Another place to pay attention is your flooring. When you’re preparing to sell a property you want to make sure that all of your flooring is in great condition – no cracked tiles, old carpet, dull hardwoods, or any flooring that might be a personal taste that could distract a potential buyer. Taking the time to address any flooring changes will ensure that your property looks updated and clean, and even more importantly checks off a big item in many buyer’s minds.


Looking for a simple way to update your property? Look no further than your fixtures. Lighting, bathroom fixtures, and even door handles can take your home from dated to updated without much of an investment. Swapping out older light fixtures makes your home brighter, more energy efficient, and modern looking. Updating bathroom fixtures can have a huge impact on your bathroom without the cost or hassle of a complete remodel. Make sure that your shower and vanity fixtures are updated, but don’t forget to look at smaller details like the towel racks. Switching brass hardware for a more modern finish instantly updates any space. Another simple but overlooked update is to make sure all your door handles and hardware are contemporary and matching throughout your home.


A complete kitchen remodel can be pricey but making sure your kitchen looks modern and appealing can make or break a buyer’s choice. A great way to update any kitchen is to paint cabinets and update the hardware. They’ll look new at only 10% of the cost and give your kitchen an entirely modern look. Another feature that many buyers look for are updated countertops – updating to granite or quartz can add another standout selling point to your listing.


As we all know, first impressions are important so making sure that the outside of your home matches the gorgeous inside cannot be overlooked. Pay attention to things like painting the front door and making sure that the main entry is well maintained and welcoming will set the tone before a buyer even steps inside. Landscaping is also important, no buyer wants to look at a property and see only all the hours of yard work they’d need to do after buying, so eliminate that worry for them by making sure your property has top curb appeal from the moment they lay eyes on it.

Hire the Right Professionals

The absolute most important thing you can do when looking to make changes to your home? Hire a licensed and insured contractor. Some home projects are simple, safe, and easy to DIY. For bigger projects you’ll want to make sure that you’re hiring the right people to get the job done so that the home inspection doesn’t turn up any issues with incorrect work that can delay or even cancel a sale, not to mention the headache of having the work done again. Licensing and insurance are a requirement for all contractors in DC, Maryland & Virginia. It’s easy to check the credentials of anyone you might want to work with online to make sure they’re the right choice for you.
Got questions or want to hire Beautiful Home Services for your next home improvement project? Give Andrew a call at 1-888-PAINT-10 or visit the website to learn more! You can also follow them on social media on Facebook: @bhspaints, Twitter: @BHSPaint, & Instagram: @leadsbhs

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